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Vic Bamforth:
Glass Artist Profile

Born in Hull, East Yorkshire in 1952, Vic's first hands-on experience with hot glass came about during a part time evening course in hot glass (2000). The following summer a piece of his work was selected for inclusion in the V&A Museum's 'Inspired by' exhibition. This inspired Vic to pursue his interest full time at the internationally renowned International Glass Centre in Dudley (UK).

Figurative Graal vase by Vic Bamforth.
Figurative Graal vase by
Vic Bamforth.
Vic Bamforth graduated from the college in 2004, with a diploma in Glass Techniques and Technology and an Advanced Diploma in Glass Design. He was awarded a bursary from the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers of London to assist with his study and subsequently won an award for the 'Best Interpretation of Glass Quality'.

After winning a scholarship to further develop his skills, techniques and creative ideas Vic began making his own glass at the Red House Glass Cone in Wordsley, Stourbridge.

The basics that drive Vic Bamforth's work are colour, movement and the unique properties and qualities of the medium of glass. Glass has provided Vic with an ideal three-dimensional canvas to carry figurative, often humorous, content.

All Vic Bamforth's pieces are hand blown and this, combined with his own personal approach to glass making, results in contemporary works that have been described as, 'beautiful, unusual and unique' and are eminently collectible.

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