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In-Fair Exhibition:
Primrose Pearline & the Copyists

The latest National Glass Fair (11 May 2014) once again featured an exciting exhibition of museum quality examples of decorative glass. This time around the exhibition was curated by regular exhibitor Philip Housden and showcased Davidson Primrose Pearline glass.

In or around 1890 George Davidson of Team Works (Gateshead) introduced their 'Primrose Pearline' glass. It proved very popular and production carried on into the first years of the twentieth century.

Colouration was achieved by the use of uranium; the health hazards of which were unknown at the time. We can enjoy the results today, but it is sobering to think of the damage caused to the health of the employees some 120 years ago.

The purpose of the exhibition was to display some of the variety of items and different designs that Davidson's produced, and also to show items from Henry Greener, John Sowerby and Edward Bolton that copied Davidson's Primrose Pearline.

Pearline Glassware

Selection of Pearline glassware by Davidson & Greener


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