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In-Fair Exhibition:
Chance Handkerchief Vases

Chance Polka Dot Vase
Chance Brothers Polka Dot Vase

The National Glass Fair once again hosted an in-fair exhibition on Sunday 6 May 2018.

The exhibition featured over 50 Chance handkerchief vases. These colourful pieces were produced by Chance Brothers between 1954 and about 1990.

The display was drawn from the Circaglass collection along with some scarce examples loaned by David Encill.

The exhibition was curated by David Encill, who wrote the book Chance Expressions, assisted by Patricia Coccoris and Dr. Malcolm Dick (History West Midlands).

The location of the exhibition was stand number seven in Hall 1.

David Encill Pictured Alongside The Exhibition Display

David Encill Pictured Alongside The Exhibition Display

Chance Zig Zag Handkerchief Vase

Chance Brothers Zig Zag Handkerchief Vase

Chance Patterned Handkerchief Vase

Chance Brothers Patterned Handkerchief Vase

Handkerchief Vase Mould Or Former

Handkerchief Vase Mould Or Former

Chance Chequered Handkerchief Vase

Chance Brothers Chequered Handkerchief Vase




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