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In-Fair Exhibitions:
November 2011

Whitefriars: William Butler Exhibition

Selection of Whitefriars designs by William Butler.

Selection of Whitefriars designs by William Butler.

The large blue vase is believed to have been made and designed by William Butler as a prototype for a smaller goblet vase that went into production

For our 13 November 2011 fair we organised an exhibition of Whitefriars glass.

The exhibition was put together by Ben Cooper, the great grandson of William Butler.

Butler is one of Whitefriars' best know designers and he was responsible for the popular 'Butler Bowl' design - a high sided cup-shaped footed bowl, produced in various colours and decorative effects over the years.

The exhibition mostly focused on Butler's designs, including an extremely rare prototype vase (see image).

Ben Cooper's exhibition also featured examples of Whitefriars glass collected by his father: including some 'Roman Glass' and further items dating from no later than 1945.

Tiffany Lamp Exhibition

Rare Trefoil Lamp by Tiffany.
Rare Trefoil Lamp by Tiffany

A second exhibition showcased an important early Tiffany lamp, which was brought along by collector Anthony Goode.

The lamp was not for sale but Mr. Goode wanted to allow British glass enthusiasts to see it before it goes to a museum (most likely in America).

The lamp is a Trefoil (Fleur de Lis) design, number 1437 in the Tiffany catalogue, and dates from early 1898. The lamp is from the very beginning of lamp production for Tiffany and is quite plain compared to the designs manufactured just a few months later e.g. the Daffodil or Dragonfly etc. The shade is particularly unusual because of the use of white glass.

The base (number X1) was used for many other shades during 1898 and it was the first electrical lamp base made at the Tiffany metalworks.

The lamp features a GTDco stamp, which is the logo of the early Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company (used until Sept 1901). Not many leaded lamps were made up until this time, probably less than 100.

Christmas Stall

Glass Christmas Decoration by Ann Benwell

Glass Christmas Decoration by Ann Benwell

Once again our November glass fair featured a special Christmas stall.

There was a good selection of Christmas decorations by various glass artists, including baubles and Christmas themed glass by Allister Malcolm and Sandra Callowhill, as well as stained glass nativity scenes and light catchers by Ann Benwell.

There was also a selection of traditional and vintage glass decorations offered for sale.

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