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In-Fair Exhibition:
The Portland Vase

2012 Portland Vase Replica. Image courtesy of John Levett.
2012 Portland Vase Replica. Image courtesy of John Levett.

Our November 2012 glass fair featured an exhibition celebrating the latest recreation of the Portland Vase.

Ian Dury was the project coordinator for the recreation, whilst Richard Golding was the glassblower responsible for creating the blank and the fine detailing of the cameo work was done by Terri Colledge.

Glass artists Steve Piper and Helen Knight were also involved during various stages of the Stourbridge Twenty Twelve Portland Vase Project.

The exhibition documented the manufacture of the vase and showcased the craftsmanship of the artists involved in this project.

Terri Colledge also had a stand situated next to the exhibition. As well as selling examples of her outstanding cameo glass, she was available to discuss her cameo techniques and her involvement with the Portland Vase project.



Portland Vase Exhibition Cabinet
Portland Vase Exhibition Cabinet


'The 2012 Portland Vase Project' Book

As part of the exhibition author Graham Fisher was in attendance selling copies of his book 'The 2012 Portland Vase Project.

Graham is a trustee of the British Glass Foundation, an outreach worker for Broadfield House Glass Museum and has previously written about the historic Stourbridge glass industry in his book 'Jewel In the Cut'.

Book Cover: 'The 2012 Portland Vase Project - Recreation of a Masterpiece'

Book Cover: 'The 2012 Portland Vase Project - Recreation of a Masterpiece'

Graham's latest publication documents the making of the 2012 Portland Vase replica, which he describes as being a "tribute to all the glassmakers and artists who have helped, and continue to help, make the Stourbridge Glass industry the envy of the world".

The book also includes information on the principles of glassmaking, an historic guide to 400 years of glassmaking in the Stourbridge region, as well as some background on the development of cameo glass from the Roman period and a detailed account of the original Portland Vase.

'The 2012 Portland Vase Project' by Graham Fisher.
ISBN: 9780954878146





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