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The National Glass Collectors Fair (UK), is organised and run by
Specialist Glass Fairs Ltd.

The company was established by Patricia Hier in 1991, to meet the demand for an antiques and collectors’ fairs that catered for people with a specialist interest in glass.

At its inception our fair was the only antiques and collectables fair to specialise in glassware. Because of our dedication to putting on a premium event, we have attracted exhibitors that sell some of the best examples of glass available. In fact many of our dealers have chosen to exhibit exclusively at our events.

The success of our fairs can be attributed to our insistence that we do our utmost to put on the best events possible. Whether it’s our selection of dealers, the quality of stock we insist upon, or the presentation of exhibitors stands, we aim to provide visitors to our fairs with a rewarding experience. The consistency in the quality of glass on display continues to attract visitors each year, including a number of collectors from overseas.

We have long realised that one of the most important factors in running an
all-glass fair, is the variety of glass available. Because of the varying tastes and demands of dealers and collectors, we are careful to select exhibitors that will offer the greatest variety and balance of merchandise. By necessity, this has meant adapting to the increasing scarcity of the more traditionally popular types of glassware. As our exhibitors have had to adapt their stock to include quality examples of 20th century glass, it has been necessary for us to include more exhibitors who specialise in this type of glassware. These dealers tend to sell anything from Art Deco and Art Nouveau through to 50s, 60s and 70s studio glass. Although we do not allow the sale of modern reproductions, we are extremely keen to exhibit the work of contemporary artists. Consequently, visitors to our fair have never had such a variety of choice, and our reputation has become such that many dealers, from both Europe and the United States, are eager to exhibit at our fairs.

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