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This section of our Website is intended to be used as a resource for learning about the history, identification and techniques of glass manufacture.

One of the attractions for regular visitors to our fair, is the opportunity to interact with experienced exhibitors and learn from the expert advice they have to offer. We aspire to expand this interaction through our Glass Archive.

It is our ambition to build this archive into an invaluable source of information for anyone with an interest in glass. This will include articles featuring information relevant to both casual readers and experts alike.

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Book Cover: Classic Paperweights from Silesia/BohemiaA Visit to the May 2011 National Glass Fair:
A Collectors' Perspective by Jindrich Parik

Article courtesy of Jindrich Parik.

The following article documents Jindrich Parik's visit to our May 2011 glass fair and shares his experiences as a collector.

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Book Cover: Classic Paperweights from Silesia/BohemiaThe Provenance Of Heraldic Glass

Article courtesy of the Friends of Broadfield House Glass Museum

The following article documents the trials and tribulations experienced by a glass collector when identifying an intriguing suite of glassware.

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Book Cover: Classic Paperweights from Silesia/BohemiaClassic Paperweights from Silesia/Bohemia

Book Review by John Simmonds

In recent years there appears to have been increased interest in Silesian/Bohemian paperweights. This review looks at a recent book which provides an in-depth study of classic mid-19th century paperweights from the border region between Silesia and Bohemia.

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Stuart & Sons Vase.The Rise of 20th Century British Glass

Written by Nigel Benson

Over the past twenty years or so a greater awareness has grown of the work of 20th century British glass manufacturers and designers. This article looks at some of the most influential glass companies and designers from this period: including Monart, Gray-Stan, James Powell, Stuart & Sons, Thomas Webb, Webb Corbett and Stevens & Williams, Keith Murray and Clyne Farquharson.

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A commemorative sugar and cream by Henry Greener & Co.Pass The Sugar Basin!

Written by James S. Measell

An interesting article about collecting 'milk glass' sugars and creamers. The author, James S. Measell, is a historian at the Fenton Art Glass Company in Williamstown, West Virginia, USA.

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An amber 'Judy' by John Derbyshire.English Pressed Glass

Written By Philip Housden

This article first appeared in the Glass Cone and discusses some of the English pressed glass featured in an exhibition at the Cambridge Glass Fair (22 February 2009).

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Mdina Fish Vase.Michael Harris & The Story Of Mdina

Written By Ron Wheeler

This article is an introduction to the glass of Michael Harris: explaining how Michael came to develop an interest in Studio Glass and went on to found Mdina Glass.

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Pressed Glass Plate.The Rise & Fall Of English Pressed Glass

Written by By Rod Crowshaw

This article documents the origins of mass-produced decorative pressed glass, including information about popular makers and designs.

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Whitefriars DecanterThe History Of Whitefriars Glass

Written By Willie Clegg

This article provides a brief history of the Whitefriars factory and the role the Powell family played in establishing the company.

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Vase by Jonathan Harris.Jonathan Harris Studio Glass

Written By Val Baynton

Jonathan Harris is a renowned glassmaker, best known for his Cameo and Graal designs. This article provides an insight into Jonathan's background, influences and practices. You will also find information about visiting Jonathan's studio to see how his glass designs are produced.

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Glass Bathyscaphe Book Cover.The Glass Bathyscaphe:
How Glass Changed the World

Book Review By David Hier

The Glass Bathyscaphe takes a look at the origins and technological developments of glass making throughout history. The book details the innovations made possible by glass in the fields of science, medicine, technology and art.

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Seguso Vase.Collecting Modern European Art Glass 1940-1980

Written By Tim Paterson

This article provides an introduction to collecting Modern post-war Art Glass. If you are just beginning to take a general interest in collecting glass, or you are intrigued by Scandinavian or Italian glass, produced by the likes of Orrefors, Kosta Boda, Flygsfors or Seguso; then you will find Tim Paterson's article particularly informative.

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Stevens & Williams Bowl.Basket Weave Decoration

Written By Dilwyn Hier

This article originally appeared in The Glass Cone. The subject is concerned with a rare example of bowl, decorated in a wheel-cut basket weave pattern.

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Ian Turner.Ian Turner Interview (Monart Collection)

This article first appeared in 'The Glass Cone', Summer 2003, Issue 64, a periodic publication of the Glass Association and is reproduced with their permission. The interview took place before the sale of Ian's collection of Monart glass and focuses on how he developed his interest in collecting Monart.

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Burmese Glass.Thomas Webb & Sons – Queen’s Burmese Ware

Written By Dilwyn Hier

This article is an overview of a book on Queen's Burmese that Dilwyn Hier hopes to publish in the near future. Dilwyn also outlines the types of glass he needs examples of in order to complete the book.

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