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Useful Links to Websites that provide information about the identification and history of glass produced by various manufacturers.


Glass Museum Online Link.

This Website is an invaluable source of information, with many in-depth articles on the history and identification of glass. The site has many other useful features including a newsletter that you can receive by email.

This Website is a valuable source of information about glassmakers from the Spanish family Ysart (working in Perth, Scotland, since 1922). The site has many articles on the history and identification of glass produced by the Ysarts. There are also articles on Vasart, Monart and other similar manufacturers.

The Glass Encyclopedia is intended to be the ultimate reference source on glass.
It covers a list of topics that will be increased and up-dated regularly, building up to
a fully comprehensive on-line glass encyclopedia.

This Website is an homage to the many Bohemian glass factories that operated at the turn of the 20th century. The site features many useful articles on the history and identification of the glassware produced by Loetz .

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