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Useful Links to the Websites of glass collectors clubs and organisations.


Glass Association Link.

If you are interested in glass and glassmaking the Glass Association has the
wide-ranging expertise and fellowship that you need.

Contemporary Glass Society Link.

This is the Contemporary Glass Society Website. Dedicated to encouraging excellence in glass and promoting contemporary glass worldwide.

The Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass

The Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to further the development and appreciation of art made from glass.
The Alliance informs collectors, critics and curators by encouraging and supporting museum exhibitions, university departments and specialized teaching programs, regional collector groups, visits to private collections, and public seminars.

Glass Engravers Guild Link.

The Glass Engravers Guild aims to promote the highest standards of creative design
and craftsmanship. The Guild also acts as a forum for the discussion of engraving
techniques and developments from around the world. They also provide the general
public with information on all aspects of glass engraving, and offer advice for those
people interested in commissioning artworks.

Glass Circle Link.

The Glass Circle is an organisation dedicated to the appreciation and understanding of glass. Articles on the Website cover all areas of glassware, including the archeological, artistic and historical issues relevant to its production.

A new database driven site for collectors of Whitefriars. The site includes hundreds of examples of glass, with articles on the history of the factory.
The Website also offers a free appraisal service.

Isle of Wight Studio Glass Collectors Club

Specialist club for collectors of Isle of Wight Studio Glass.

The National American Glass Club

The National American Glass Club is an international organisation for those interested in the study and appreciation of glass.

Paperweight Collectors Circle

This collectors group aims to provide a forum for paperweight enthusiasts to meet and discuss their mutual hobby, and to encourage and support the activities of the artists and craftsmen who are developing and improving this art form.

Glass Art Society Link.

The Glass Art Society is a professional organization dedicated to promoting the
appreciation and development of the glass arts, as well as providing support for the
worldwide community of artists who work with glass. The site features links to various galleries and artists, and features details of exhibitions organised by the society.

The Lalique Mascot Collectors' Club

This is a website dedicated to followers of Rene Lalique's masterworks in car mascot & paperweight creations from the inter-war period to the present time.


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