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Submitting Glass Articles

When visiting the National Glass Fair the main attraction is undoubtedly the vast array of different types of glass available to purchase. However many exhibitors have a lifetime's worth of expert knowledge about collecting glass and the history of glass making. This means that a trip to our fair is not only a great opportunity to expand your collection, but you can also tap into a wealth of knowledge about the world of glass.

We see our Glass Archive as an extension of this educational experience and encourage collectors and dealers to contribute articles that will help to pass on valuable information to future generations and newcomers to the world of glass collecting.

Can I Submit An Article?

Anyone is welcome to submit articles for use on our website and you are free to write about any aspect of glass collecting that you think others will find useful and informative.

With many long-standing collectors and dealers entering retirement, there is a real danger that vital information about the history of glassmaking could be lost forever. Consequently we feel that it is extremely worthwhile to try and preserve this information for posterity. With this in mind, we would like to encourage members of the glass collecting community to submit informative articles for inclusion on this website.

What Can I Write About?

Given the variety of glass produced over the centuries the scope for subject matter is almost limitless. You can write about the history of a manufacturer, glassmaking techniques, individual designers or decorators, styles of glass or types of glassware e.g. bottle, decanters, novelty items, drinking glasses, paperweights etc.

You shouldn't feel limited to writing about historical glass either. There is a vibrant contemporary glass community and it would be great to publish articles about up and coming glass artists or new manufacturing techniques that are being pioneered.

Many collectors, especially newcomers, would also find it useful to read general guides to glass collecting. Subjects could include buying guides, auction advice, trend spotting, how to spot damage or deceptive repairs, care guidelines and information about getting damaged items repaired.

If there is an aspect of glass collecting that you find fascinating, or you have any insights that you consider useful, then there is a good chance others will too.

What's In It For Me?

Contributing to our Glass Archive isn't only about passing on knowledge to other glass enthusiasts, although that can obviously be a reward in itself. Articles featured on our website can be a great source of free advertising. Dealers and glass artists can use their articles to promote their business and collectors clubs and associations could use articles to drum up interest in their causes.

Contributing articles can also be useful if you want to connect with other glass enthusiasts and ask for help with your research. That small piece of missing information needed to complete your research may be out there and writing an article for our website might just prompt someone to come forward and fill in the blanks.

Contact Us

So what are you waiting for? Simply head over to our contact page, where you will find our email details. You can then contact us with details of topics you would like to write about, or articles you have already written.